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Water fights, pyjama days, birthday celebrations, dinosaur fight club, running under the sprinkler, fun, relaxation, no schedules, downtime. This is what January was made of. Loved (almost) every minute of it.

My girls go back to school on Monday…I’m gonna miss them, and the sleep ins.


A Very Pink Birthday Party

Miss Charlotte turned six at the beginning of December. I promised her a party this year, but with all the stress of trying to sell our house (without success so far), I kept putting off any planning. I like to keep my promises however, so I finally got organised and sent out invitations for a party a week after her actual birthday. I didn’t have a theme in mind, but when I made her invitation it was pink and pink and yellow, so I went with it.

Some may consider it crazy, but we had her party at our house. We had a great time decorating masks and playing pin the nose on Olaf, decorating cupcakes and playing other party games. There was pink lemonade and mini donuts with sprinkles. There was glitter and feathers and the music from Frozen. A house full of six year old girls is a sight to behold, how on earth do they make so much noise? I must say a very big Thank You to my gorgeous friend Sher for helping keep the rabble in check. There may have been tears from the birthday girl, completely in the spirit of “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. You can see in the photo below that she is a little red around the eyes.






Even with all the noise and the fact that I am still finding glitter and silver cachous in the floorboards, I would do it all over again just to see the joy on Charlottes face.


The Best of Twenty Fourteen

Hello…It’s been an awfully long time since I was here last. 2014 was a big year for our little family. We made some very big decisions, many of which we are still working through. My purpose here however, is to get this blog back on track a little bit and remember why I started it in the first place. My photography really suffered last year, with working and kids in school and kinder and putting our house on the market and deciding to build, things have been hectic. I took far fewer photos than I would like. So in an effort to remedy the sad feeling I get when I look back through the half empty ‘to edit’ folders on my computer, I have decided to try and take more photos of the everyday…that does not mean taking part in some “photography challenge”…that means spending time with my gorgeous little family and capturing them in whatever they are doing. Here’s hoping it works..Here are some of my favourites from 2014. They are growing up so fast.

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Here’s to a happier, more productive and enjoyable Twenty Fifteen.

Another Birthday

Darcy BDay3Darcy BDay Darcy BDay2

This little man man turned THREE just over a week ago. He was so excited this year, as you can probably tell from the expression on his face. We lit his candles and he practically exploded with delight.

There were dinosaurs and planes and trucks and more dinosaurs. I was extremely pleased with how his cake turned out…and it tasted good too. Baking on a HOT day is not my favourite pastime, but for this little guy…anything.

Today, he had his orientation at 3 year old Kindergarten. He didn’t want to go…and then he didn’t want to leave. I had to drag him out of there after all the official stuff of filling in forms was done. He plonked himself down on the footpath and screamed “I wanna go back to Kinder”. I think this means he likes it there. That makes me very happy, but of course It’s also bittersweet. My little man is growing up.

In preparation for Kinder I was reading through his child health record and I came across his birth details. I think maybe I have avoided reading this in the past…or my brain chose to gloss over it. When I read the words…profound brachycardia and fetal asphyxiation and sever fetal distress and apgar 3/5 I got a little upset. I realise how close we came to losing this boy that we had so longed for. It brought memories of his frightening birth flooding back. Memories of the Code Red button and the team of doctors and midwives around him after he was born, laying lifeless on the resuscitation unit. Memories of me squeezing my eyes shut and holding on to Sam for dear life while I pushed him into the world. Memories of the silence, and memories of him finally crying. We are so so very lucky that he is here.

Happy Birthday Little Man…we are so glad you are here!